Day 2

So, I have decided to look out for opportunities to be generous today. The set challenge is to watch people and see if we can help someone or be generous. This morning I will be sermon writing, so at home alone. Perhaps when I take my midday walk around the lake I can be alert. Or maybe call in and see someone who I know is struggling a bit. That would be being generous with my time as I have a lot to do today. I am giving a talk to the mothers union tonight so perhaps there will be a chance there for generosity.

One thing troubles me about blogging my efforts during Lent. Jesus said that we should do our alms giving, fasting and prayer in secret. Is this going against his instructions? Or is it part of my ministry of encouragement to others and proclaiming what God has done and is doing through me?

the following is my reflection on the day that started off so well….

Today has been frustrating. It rained heavily and so I didn’t go for a walk and pop in to visit the person I had intended seeing. So in a way I feel I have failed the challenge for today. However….. I have given of my time in listening to people as well as getting on with sermon preparation and preparing for the talk I’m giving tonight. The talk has taken more time than anticipated – setting up the computer and projector took a long time and in the end I had to come home and fetch my monitor and take it to church. Two projectors, various leads and still we couldn’t get my laptop to work. I have also been frustrated by not being able to find particular photos that I know I have to illustrate the talk. My perfectionist streak is at work. I know the subject matter better than anyone as it is part of my story, but I have a time limit and need to ensure I don’t just waffle on too long. Setting up the blog to share on Facebook is taking time too as I have discovered it wont work on my profile therefore I need to set up a page for it to go to.

And will anyone be interested in this???? I need to contact others in the school and church to get them to participate.

I have decided that my act of generosity will be to give online to one of the charities that touched me this morning in my prayer time.

II have also realised that what I wrote this morning didnt get posted, as I thought it had – I had saved it as a draft and so now I have wasted a lot of time to combine the earlier draft with this post that did get published. At least I now know that you can edit a post once it is published…. at least that’s what I think.

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