Sunday 10th March

No challenge today, as the Lenten disciplines are not observed on Sundays. Sunday is the day we celebrate the Resurrection.

Ignatian Exmen

I have been using my 5pm (ish) prayer time to look back over the day and combining that with writing this blog. I use the Ignatian Examen to see the day through God’s eyes, combined with the method from a book “Sleeping with Bread” (see photos).

A page from Sleeping with Bread

I am grateful for today. In a way glad not to have one of the challenges as there is more than enough to occupy my thoughts. Only 3 services today: 9am, 10.30am and 3pm. I am grateful for the churches and glad that God has placed me here. I am most grateful for not having a 7pm service – yes you read that correctly, 7pm. Twice a month I have a service in the evening as well as the other ones. It makes for a long day. So I am glad today that I can cook roast beef etc and settle down with Terry for the evening. I am also glad for the walk around the JCB lake at about 4.0pm, although it was very windy and cold and I feel a bit sick (I felt unwell yesterday so may be connected).

As I look back on the day I acknowledge my shortcomings and those things I feel least grateful about. There was a little tension at one of the churches when I enquired about Easter Day. I have a dilemma. The schedule was going to be: sunrise (5.45?), 9am, 1030am, 3pm and 7pm. All holy communion so all requiring my attendance. Everyone agrees this is not good. Various options were suggested involving communion by extension led by a Reader. The 3pm has moved to 10.30am and will be communion by extension (led by a Reader). That’s the good news. However, the suggestion and subsequent decision that there would not be a 7pm service but people would be invited to that church’s sunrise or the other morning services within the benefice met with overall agreement but not without one person not being happy. I nearly wavered and gave in, but knowing that my husband would not be pleased I felt that he should take priority…. not to mention me! I feel a mixture of relief that I will only have 3 services, all in the morning, and so be able to celebrate Easter Day with my family and guilt that there will be people who want to go to church at 7pm. I thought I overhead a few ‘mutterings’ over tea afterwards, but was talking with a couple so couldn’t join in the conversation. Perhaps as well. On the up side I will feel more incinded to join them in the Easter Monday egg hunt, which I wouldn’t want to do if I’d done so many services on the Sunday.

I still feel guilty, but know I have probably made the right decision. I just hope there aren’t repercussions. I need to be stronger in leading the church – serving them doesn’t necessarily mean doing everything they want. I leave it in God’s hands and pray that he will pour oil over troubled waters.

Well, if we are going to have roast beef dinner I had better go and take it out of the fridge and put it in the oven.

So I look forward to another busy week – asking God for strength and wisdom to see me through.

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