Day 5

Who is my boss? The challenge today was to say thank you to your boss, or your parent or pastor. I don’t have a boss as such – is it the bishop, the archdeacon or Jesus? The bishop has pastoral responsibility for me, but I don’t see him very often. The archdeacon also has responsibilities. I am an office holder, not employee. Nobody tells me what to do on a day to day basis. But as I ponder this, I do realise that technically I am an associate/assistant to the incumbent at All Saint, Denstone. When the legalities have gone through I will be their vicar, and in the meantime I am, to all intents and purposes, their vicar. So when I met the legal incumbent, who is technically my boss for that church, I thanked him for giving me the freedom to lead them as I see fit. I also thanked him for all his support since my arrival.

It’s been a strange day. I don’t feel as if I have got much done and yet I am tired. The first of the Lent group meetings is this evening in our lounge so I will have to do some tidying up etc before they arrive. I have no idea how many people will come. And I have no idea how the group dynamics will work – such are the joys of a first year in a new place.

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