Day 6

Tuesday is chocolate day. You would think it is an easy challenge. Buy chocolates and give them away. I haven’t been out much today. However, I did go to a school to see one pupil for half an hour (but too late to call in at shop en route) and I was very pleased to see the Headteacher dash in with her arms full of flowers and some chocolates, deposit them on the desks in the office and dash out again. Not just giving chocolates but over and above the challenge. Well done her!

This afternoon I bought 2 bags of chocolates and managed to give 3 away to some school staff who were walking round the JCB lake supervising pupils riding their bikes. They were pleased to be given the chocolates. I offered them to a couple who were walking their dog. They declined. I checked that I was wearing my clerical collar – and yes I was. People do react differently when I am wearing it. They would have been even more wary I expect if I hadn’t looked like a vicar. I shall take the rest of the chocolates to art group tonight. Overall, not the best challenge. I don’t feel that I have excelled in it.

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