Day 7

Today is the day we are supposed to bring joy to someone. Not sure what to do but settle on phoning my friend who has ME to see how she is. I know that she always enjoys talking with me and I am aware that we don’t speak as often as she would like. So I phoned her up this morning. No reply so I left a message. I received a text from her this afternoon thanking me for the call. Whether it gave her joy or not, I don’t know.

I also manage to write and post a birthday card for my daughter whose birthday is tomorrow. I hope it arrives in the morning and brings her joy. I don’t always remember to post cards in time so this is an achievement. Should have done it yesterday of course. I will be seeing her on Saturday and I will take her to lunch in Lichfield. Looking forward to that – which will bring us both joy. We enjoy spending time together.

I feel as if I have failed a bit on yesterday’s challenge. I bought 2 bags of chocolates to give out at art club. Only one bag got used so I brought one home with me. I had every intention of taking them into school today to leave in the staff room – but forgot to take them. However when I sat with the staff they got out chocolate biscuits that someone had brought from home. So we did enjoy some chocolate. Never mind, I thought…. I will take them to the high school this afternoon. I will give them to the IT support staff – the unseen heroes who keep things going. As I turned out of the drive and walked up the road I realised that I had once again forgotten the chocolates. Oh dear… … perhaps I can give them away tomorrow. Then, almost without me having any say in the matter, the packet opened and I ate some! They are now on my desk – I had better bring them into the living room and share with Terry otherwise I know what will happen…… they will all disappear, as if by magic!

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