Day 9

mmmm Mixed feelings about today’s challenge. Most days I spend some time ‘being present’ and ‘actively listening’ to someone. And even in a chance meeting I try to listen out for any indication that someone might need to off-load or go deeper than polite conversation that simply passes the time. So I value my days off when I can switch off, just be myself and in my own bubble. And today is my day off. The one day out of 7 when I don’t put on the collar and I am not being the vicar. I normally spend days off with Terry but he has been busy and needs to write his sermon for Sunday, so I was looking forward to a day to myself, to perhaps go for a walk (till I opened the curtains and saw the rain) and do some painting and drawing. Or even some housework!!! So I sent a message to my friend Gail who lives in Burton to see if we can meet up for a coffee.

Gail and I had lunch in a cafe half way between our respective homes. It was good to catch up and hear her news. We were both blessed by the meeting and I am glad that I made the effort. I was still able to get home and do some painting.

I finished a painting that I started a while ago. It is far from perfect and I can see lots of things wrong with it, but as far as I am concerned, it is finished. Overall I am pleased with it as I am learning and improving.

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