Day 11

Hidden Heroes aka Unsung Heroes are those people who quietly, behind the scenes without any fanfare get on with making the world a better place. Today’s challenge is to thank someone, or perhaps take them a drink, or even work out how to make their job easier.

I thought about this within the context of the church. It is important that people are thanked and I try to remember to thank the people who keep the church clean and ready for worship, who make the tea etc etc etc.

However, if you miss anyone out you could cause more hurt than the joy you give. So I looked outside to the community. I am always thankful that Rocester is clean and tidy. It is a good village to live in, despite the old timers lamenting “it ain’t wot it used to be”. Nowhere is. I toyed with the idea of thanking the street cleaners, but who are they? Hidden heroes indeed. Probably employed by the council. I hadn’t got time to do the research. So I decided to thank the people who keep the JCB lakes and grounds so lovely. I am so glad that they are open to the public. It is such a gift to the community…. makes up for all the traffic! But having moved from the Black Country to here all I say is they don’t know what traffic is.

So I wrote in a card my thanks and when I went for a walk I dropped it off in reception. As I walked round the lake (1 mile circumference) I was thankful for this place, and for today. Terry and I had a guided tour of Denstone College this morning, something that’s been on the cards for a few months. It is a lovely school and has a good atmosphere.

I may not have had a walk today if I hadn’t decided to do the card earlier. It’s been wet and I am tired. Yesterday has left me feeling somewhat jaded and I’ve not been working at full steam. And we have a Lent group tonight. Thankfully Terry (my other half) will co-lead it.

And now it is time to cook the burger and chips. I do hope the lounge doesn’t end up smelling too much of the cooking. Must remember to keep the doors closed and the extractor fan on.

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