Day 13

Today’s challenge was to do a chore that was someone else’s; to tidy up someone else’s mess, clean the sink in the staff room etc. This is tricky as I live and work from home which I share with my beloved husband. We don’t have ‘his and hers’ chores. If something needs doing one of us does it.

So today I decided to get back to doing Fly Lady – see

I came across this a few years ago and have been unsuccessfully following it since. It all starts with a shiny kitchen sink… yes. …. it seems strange but somehow works. If you make sure that the sink is shiny before going to bed then you wake up to it, and it is lovely to go into a clean bit of the kitchen. There are various household chores which become habits that you gradually build up…. or not, if you are like me. So today I decided to get back into it. I got up, dressed, etc, swished and swiped the toilets and basins….. but it went no further until bedtime. I didn’t get as far as looking to see what the task set for the day was as I had been busy all day and when I got in after a school governors meeting at about 7.30pam all I wanted to do was have some dinner and chill in front of the TV with Terry. However after I loaded the dishwasher I did make sure I cleared off the coffee table in the lounge, wipe down the kitchen surfaces (not perfectly) and wash the wok (which I’d cooked in last night) and a couple of non-dishwasher glasses before shining the sink. At least I will get up to that in the morning.

Maybe tomorrow I will do the task for the day.

Fly Lady = Finally Loving yourself

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