Day 16

An interesting one today. Getting hands dirty, doing some task or other for someone else, eg cleaning a toilet or doing some washing up. Not sure how I will accomplish that. Today started fairly leisurely, it being a Saturday and no alarm set. I read a bit in preparation for sermon writing over my first cup of tea. I didn’t finish prayer time until 10am and I had decided that today I would visit Wendie’s mum (see day for that back-story) with the daffodils I picked for her on Thursday. If there is any household job that is obvious, like washing up, I will offer. We are having 2 couples round this evening for a meal, so I will have to attend to my own housework a bit, getting lounge and dining room fit for company.

The sermon for tomorrow needs to be written first – then the visit – then a wedding couple interview is scheduled for this afternoon. I type this at 10.03am…. we will see how the day develops……

So, I pick this up at 6.15pm – just 45 minutes before guests arrive so this will be brief. I have finished the sermon – sort of – not the best I’ve ever written but I know from experience that it will be sufficient and that in the morning God will enable me to put the finishing touches on it – either before or as I preach.

I popped in to see Wendie’s mum, taking with me the daffodils which she was pleased to receive. We had a lovely chat. I made coffee and washed the cups up afterwards. Not exactly a big job and I am sure not what the person had in mind when they wrote the challenge. But it will have to do.

I haven’t done my sketch or drawing for the day yet so it will be a quick one as we retire to bed. Better get on with preparations. Thank you for reading.

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