Day 17

Today’s challenge made me stop and think. I don’t know any missionaries, we don’t have a youth worker or church intern. I don’t know anyone who has given up full time employment in favour of doing God’s work. However, after a little thought I remembered that there is a youth worker who goes into the middle school. So I contacted his church and that led to a very interesting conversation. He is a member of the Uttoxeter Methodist Church so I had to phone the Methodist area office and ended up having a good chat with the minister. I’ve arranged to have a coffee with him in a couple of weeks time as he is also responsible for the chapel in one of my parishes. So that will have a good knock on effect of improving our ecumenical relationship, which is already very good at the ground level of congregation members.

I emailed the youth worker with a short message of encouragement and thanks for what he does in the school. I’ve heard that the pupils enjoy what he does and think he should hear that. I received a reply from him this afternoon thanking me and saying that it blessed him. I am glad.

Overall it’s been a good day. I have got some housework done – blessing my home by dusting, vacuuming (except the stairs), washing floors and changing the bed sheets, plus got a load in the washing machine. I’ve prepared for tomorrow’s funeral and tonight’s church council meeting, finished an online application for a faculty for one of my churches, got my Mothers’ Union talk prepared for Thursday afternoon telling them all about 40 Acts, had a walk through village and round the JCB lake (Google it if you want to see what it looks like).

So in the words of today’s Act – Mission Accomplished (except I did’t get Wednesday’s funeral prepared but that can easily be fitted in tomorrow). I have half an hour to relax before eating and then getting off out to the meeting. Time to consider the lilies and do a drawing of them….. I had a gift of iris bulbs on Saturday from one of our guests that are now flowering so I could do one of them.

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