Day 18

Today’s challenge is an easy one. I already pray regularly for Christians who are suffering because of their faith. I use the prayer app

So I simply adjusted the feed to update every day for the Open Doors organisation whereas previously it updated less often. I also pray for Barnabus Fund.

When a friend at church had told me that she gave some of her favourite perfume away on the day we were challenged to give something we value away I was very impressed. I had simply given a scented candle, that was only of value to me because it was a present. The perfume my friend gave away is an expensive one – Chanel No.5. I have had a bottle in my drawer for a great many years. It was a present from my brother back in the late 1970s/early 80s. So long ago that I forget. But I hardly ever used it. It was too good for ordinary use and I saved it for special occasions which were few and far between. I decided I would give it to my friend. This prompted quite an emotional response within me. Could I really give it away?? I realised it was of value because it was from my brother and it would have been very expensive for him at the time. It is not the cheap variety either but the more concentrated one. This is, once more, showing me that I find it very difficult to let go of possessions. I have sorted a few things out for the church fair on Saturday (Spring Fling), but there are many other things that I am sure I could donate. Meanwhile the perfume bottle is sitting on the dining room table awaiting its fate. Perfume is made to be worn, not kept in a drawer. I will give it to her, with a note of thanks for her inspirational example of generosity.


  1. Chanel no 5 is my all time favourite perfume. It’s my go to perfume if I have treat money to buy perfume instead of relying on impulse🤣. I also love champagne by YSL but can never find it. I want to try Gabrielle. Maybe I will treat myself with birthday money. ❤️

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