Day 20

I am typing this at 11pm. It’s been a long day which started off thinking about Sunday’s sermon on the parable of the prodigal son for Mothering Sunday. I am going along the lines of us all being made in God’s image and so mothers’ love is a reflection of God’s love as displayed in the father in the parable. Mid-morning I posed for several photos in front of a church with others and a huge cheque of a donation from JCB towards the cost of a wall repair. Lunchtime saw me doing the 4th session of preparing a girl for communion before confirmation. Soon I will be visiting with her and her parents to prepare her for baptism. Then I gave a talk at the Mothers’ Union where I talked about 40 acts including some of the challenges and my responses to them. I read a few of my blogs as well as the daily reflections. This afternoon I phoned a couple who were facing cancer treatment for one of them …. or I should say the end of the treatment for cancer but treatment for all sorts of othe medial conditions. Not sure how long he has to live. On the way home from my walk I met with a congregation member and chatted with her then with another one where we hatched plans for starting Messy Church in the village hall, and other matters. I was mightily relieved when I read emails from people who were due to meet this evening for prayer giving their apologies for not attending. Terry and I are very tired and although we would have gone and would have prayed, we were relived to be ale to have an evening in. Amid all this I have sent various emails and started putting together a service sheet for Sunday.

So, what have I done in response to today’s challenge? Not a lot. However I have replied to the message to Wendie asking when it would suit her for us to meet for a drink and chat about how we help the lonely in the village.


  1. Wow that’s one busy day. Fair play – an evening in with hubby. When is your day off? You definitely earn it.


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