Day 21

Today is my day off and so having a lie in. I have to confess to feeling a little unsure about looking at today’s challenge. Will I be able to manage it? I was relieved to see it is very achievable. And already at 8.38am I can say that I have done something for it. But the day is young so I am not discounting further activity. I have sent an email with advice for someone who has a friend on palliative care and close to death. I don’t normally do work emails on my day off, but had received her message late yesterday evening and I only replied briefly with asking for clarification on if they were in hospital or home. When I got up to make the tea I sent a brief message suggesting Psalm 139. And then after I read today’s challenge I copied and sent the Isaiah quotation, along with suggesting psalm 23 and suggesting that if they are in hospital that they ask the chaplain to visit. I have also put an encouraging comment on a Facebook post for someone in an artists group I’m in where we post our pictures and ask for feedback. This person thought they weren’t very good – but they are better than me…. which isn’t saying much! So I arise today knowing that I can encourage people from my bed and have fulfilled the challenge in a small way.

I have chosen the easier option because to pray all day is what I do normally…. or at least a big chunk of the day is spent in odd moments of prayer for others…. and it is tiring. And today is a day of rest for me. My plans are few: get up, breakfast, go for a walk with my darling husband and enjoy the beautiful weather (the sky is blue), dye my hair (the roots are showing) and sort out some more stuff for the church fair tomorrow. Plus my daily drawing. And maybe some housework. Not necessarily in that order!

Building that I chose to do for today’s drawing.

Today has been a glorious day and so we have had a lovely time out in the Peak District which is very close to where we live. No hair dye, no housework done, and I am ready to relax with some knitting and TV with a cuppa. The day’s drawing has been done – a dilapidated house we saw whilst walking – a quick sketch whilst having our lunchtime pint.

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