Day 23 – April Fool’s Day

Today I woke late, having not set an alarm. Someone has stolen an hour of my life and I will never get it back. So I was relieved to see that all we were to do today is to make someone smile.

I posted on facebook something that I thought might be mildly amusing:

I’ve changed all the clocks in the house except 2 – the central heating (too difficult to see controls) and my body clock (have never found controls)

It got 14 responses: 5 were a laughing one so mission accomplished!

The morning (what was left of it after morning prayer) was spent doing a bit of planning ahead including the school assembly for this week, and then I went to meet with Wendie (see day 12 for full story). We had a good chinwag which we both enjoyed. And yes we both broke into a smile on more than one occasion. I was able to tell her that her post on Facebook had ‘pressed my buttons’ and she was able to admit that she was feeling concerned for her mum. We agreed that life has changed in recent years and that village life is perhaps not as close knit as it used to be. We parted on good terms and I feel that good has come from the original Facebook exchange. We agreed that caring for the elderly and housebound isn’t as simple and straight forward as it would first appear. I would like to get a pastoral visiting team in place at some point in the not too distant future.

We had a good Lent group this evening discussing the parable of the prodigal son. A sort of average Monday. Overall, not a bad day.


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