Day 25

Confession is good for the soul, or so they say. I am writing this at 6.30pm having just returned from our local pub, The Raddle Inn which is set in beautiful countryside in one of my parishes, having downed a pint of lager with my darling husband. A pint is a lot on an empty stomach. I am doing my prayerful review of the day (Examen). I hope that I do indeed see the day through Gods eyes and guided by the Holy Spirit.

When I saw what today’s challenge is it didn’t bother me. I knew I had a busy day ahead but also that I would be able to ask people if they would like me to pray for them. I took a service of Holy Communion and came home for a few minutes, did some admin and was then almost late for school assembly (No.3 on Prodigal Son). On the way I thought that even if I saw someone I would not have time to engage in any conversation. One man with a pushchair and I exchange a cheery hello.

After the assembly, was break time for the pupils. Instead of rushing off, which is what I usually do, I accept an offer of a coffee from one of the Teaching Asssistants. We chatted and she told me some news about her daughter but before I could offer to pray someone else came in and whisked me away to pick up the print out of the Easter service. However, in her class room I was left alone with a support worker for a child with hearing difficulties. We chatted for a while and it turns out that she had some family difficulties . So I offered to pray for her, which she accepted – so I did. And she seemed very pleased. I stopped on the way out to chat to the receptionist whose mother is in a nursing home. Mum is also a member of our church. She has dementia. Her daughter is sorting out stuff in the house ready for selling it. Very emotional. So I offered to pray, which she accepted, so I did there and then. I returned home feeling very pleased with the opportunities to pray for people. I will try to stay on for a coffee and chat every week.

My afternoon was spent at the high school academy where I guided some pupils through drawing a Mandula, and did a bit of one myself…. not very well. So I will have another go this evening. I also showed them some Zendoodles which we might try next week.

I am looking forward to an evening with my husband, watching TV and doing some ironing.


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