Day 26

As I read the email with my daily act, whilst supping my first cup of tea of the day I realised that it would be easy to fulfill. Taking the easiest option of sending my church leader (me) the Welcom Churches website, I looked through the site.

Choose how to complete this act…
GREEN OPTION:Look up the Welcome Churches website and send the link to your church leader.
YELLOW OPTION:Donate to a refugee charity or a local program that helps refugees find work in your area. 
Serve with a charity helping refugees. You can sign up to a volunteer trip online, or serve in other ways (like spreading the word at home).

I tried to find out using Google how many refugees there are in this area without success. I got up and got on with the day. This morning was sermon writing and as we are using our Lichfield Diocese Lent course which takes the Sunday gospel each week and uses a different way of reading it, I tried to prepare for the coming Sunday using the Ignatian method Lectio Davina …. on the woman anointing Jesus’ feet. No success at getting into the scene, so I gave up and got on with some admin etc. I also got together items for a re-telling of the Easter story to put into church for the school to use in their service (they rehearse tomorrow), and a flyer to give away with the Hope magazines we’ve bought and will give away this afternoon at Denstone village hall as I listen to the school pupils and Stubwood singers perform Songs of the Morning .

Upon getting down my overflowing in-tray I came across a letter that I think is timely for today:

So I have written a cheque and my name on a sticker that will go in one of the bibles. I have also been praying regularly for Syrian Christians with the Open Doors prayer diary which this week has included the trauma programme that the woman on this letter will have used.

So as I finish writing this, it is lunch time and rather than wait until this evening I am posting this now…. another job done.


  1. I have been debating this one and off all morning.

    I did pluck up courage to give the church cafe leader a note of encouragement, even though it was mildly embarrassing 😊

    My plan for today is to talk to DD later about refugees again.

    Refugees get a bad press which is really sad. I did try and explain to Katie that after world esr two there were literally millions of Jewish refugees who relocated to what is now Israel.

    Also, we have discussed the mass fleeing of Jews from Germany and the Nazi occupied nations.

    It’s important to share these things with our children.

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  2. I agree that it is important to discuss refugees with our children and glad you have done so with yours. Well done on encouraging the leader – he or she will have appreciated it I am sure.


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