Day 27

Today has not been a great one for fulfilling the challenge. In fact, I have not managed to do any of the suggested acts.

Choose how to complete this act…
GREEN OPTION:Leave change taped to a car park meter or vending machine. 
YELLOW OPTION:Give a generous gift to someone you work with or volunteer with. Leave it on their desk while they’re on lunch and no one’s watching.
How easy is it to hide an elephant? Not very. Think of a large gift and try and deliver it undercover.

Today has been my day off, which slight affects matters as I tend to not do much. Today I woke way before the alarm and drifted in and out of sleep. I was a bit worried about what the day would hold. I had to go into Burton for a mammogram – the 2nd annual check up since surgery and radiotherapy in 2017. We were there for ages because I had transferred from a different health authority (we moved in June last year) and all they had was a single sentence from my GP who I had had to ask to refer me. All is well, thankfully. I had the result and a thorough examination.

I know the area well and so knew where to park without paying. I was able to get a space within sight of where I used to live. I was back on my old stomping ground. And it felt a little strange.

I didn’t have any change to leave on a car park meter and I didn’t see a vending machine. Yellow option wasn’t going to happen. And even if it was a working day, nobody I work with has a desk (except my husband who may have guessed it was me if something appeared there). I admit I could have done the red option. I went into my local town this afternoon to drop off something to the charity shop and for a walk around, as well as picking up some hair dye in Tesco. I did ponder buying some chocolates to leave on a neighbour’s doorstep or for the ladies at church who make the tea – but couldn’t make a decision so I did nothing…. to my shame.

I ended the afternoon feeling exhausted, did some knitting and watched TV. I then came upstairs to do this blog, and my daily drawing which as it turned out was a daffodil. One of the ones from Sunday in the photo. So I have decided I will give a donation to McMillan Cancer as their emblem is a daffodil. I am so thankful that I didn’t need their services. It hasn’t been easy having to recount to the doctor my family history of breast cancer – mother, aunt and grandmother – and the doctor informed me that my daughters can start having mammograms when they are 40. This is not a conversation I am looking forward to.

I am also finding it difficult to continue finding something to draw every day, especially as I am often tired and lack enthusiasm. As you can see from th last few they have not been much more than a doodle. And to think that the art group I belong to is putting on an exhibition next weekend and I will be entering 3 paintings. I bought some frames today for this purpose.

Sorry if this has been a waffling on type of blog. Hopefully tomorrow will bring something a bit brighter.


  1. 💜. Sorry you aren’t feeling great about today’s challenge. I felt like that yesterday. You can bank it. I am sure another opportunity will arise.

    Keep going.

    Blessings from Julie

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  2. Glad to hear your mammogram was clear – I had my first one after surgery/chemo/radiotherapy in January…For the first time I was nervous about the results because I’d learned that they don’t always come back clear!! All was well. But I’m more pragmatic now….It will be what it will be and we will deal with it.
    God bless you as you continue through 40 Acts.

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