Day 29

 Give a kidney , God told the man writing todays reflection and setting the challenge.  Oh heck….. what will God ask me to give?  I was relieved to see the challenge was left open to simply be as generous as we can.

We were hosting a couple of young ladies from a dance company overnight.  As I read the challenge, drinking my cuppa, and while they were eating breakfast I realised that offering them another slice of toast just wasnt really generous enough.  I thought I would offer to drive them to school to save the teacher picking them up, as arranged.  So I got up, showered and dressed and sent her a text message.  She didn’t reply and turned up as arranged at 8am.  Oh well…. at least I tried.  I explained to her what I’d done and she said I could tick this one off.  Not quite the same as offering a kidney and going through all the medical checks etc.  So I will take the thought of going the extra mile into the day and see what happens.  

The plan for the day so far, as at morning prayer time:

Prayer time

Do my work sheet for the week, including deciding when to do certain tasks

10am go over to church and put heating on

1045am return to church to put kettle on and ready to welcome clergy chapter who are meeting at 11am

1.30pm burial of ashes at Hollington

Evening Lent group

Tasks for today to fit in somewhere = prepare for Lent group, prepare for tomorrow’s funeral, write vicars report for annual meeting for 3 churches, House work – dust, vacuum, mop, water plants, Change sheets.

So… it is now 6pm and I am feeling under the weather with a cold.  It’s been a lovely day and I had a nice walk around the JCB lake after the burial of ashes.  I have been busy all day, managing to have about half an hour break at lunch (plus the walk).  Didn’t do any housework – it will still be there tomorrow.   My only generous act has been to offer chocolate biscuits at Chapter. … and they weren’t even mine, they were in the tin in church.  

I wonder what Jesus did when he got a cold.   Did he look after himself and rest, drink plenty of water and keep away from others so as to not spread his germs?  Did they suffer from the common cold in 1st Century?    It did occur to me earlier in the day that perhaps I should treat myself with generosity and rest.  But then there is so much to do.  At least I managed to prepare for the funeral tomorrow and write the vicar’s reports.  

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  1. Hi. I have really struggled and can’t think of anything of this magnitude.

    I am going to bank it for the time being, I am really tired, only good thing was that my anonymous act was delivered today and blessed the recipient 😊

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