Day 32

How ethical are my clothing choices? Probably not very. I do not like shopping for clothes as I am not a standard size. I find it very difficult to find anything that fits. I am not enormously fat – but I am too short for my girth!! And ‘pear’ shaped. There is, however, one shop where I know that I will always find something that fits and that is my sort of style. Edinburgh Woollen Mill. I love to go in when there’s a sale and pick up bargains.

I have just tried to determine how ethical they are. Not great… but not the worst. But I do have to wear something! I will keep an eye on their record and may write and ask them for their policy on fair trade and ethics.

I also buy clerical blouses. These are not cheap. Even the cheapest are expensive. The fair trade ones I have just looked up average £30 each.. So actually not that much more than others. So my commitment is that from now on I will only buy fair trade clerical blouses. I do actually have a good selection of blouses and it will be a while before I need to get any more.

Today has been one of 3 school Easter services (but unfortunately I had the start time of the 3rd as 2pm and arrived just as they were singing alleluia’s and something about the resurrection…… it had started at 1.30pm and nobody had told me they’d changed it! Grrrr ) and a funeral visit. Plus some admin (there is always some admin to do) and getting ready for Holy Week and Easter.

But I also managed to look up Lend with Care – thanks to ‘Fatdormouse’. Will suggest to my other half that we give through them.


  1. Interesting that you shop in EWM – the EWM store where I live has closed due to lack of business. I don’t know why this is. It may be due to their ethics or just something as simple as the fact that businesses are closing due to the prohibitive business rates. Glad you found an ethical supplier of your clerical clothes 🙂

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  2. Happy that you’re interested in Lend With Care! Maybe there’s an entrepreneur on the site who works with clothing/textiles – then it’s two birds with one stone!! I support a woman who extracts yarn from old sweaters and resells it. Recycling at its best, perhaps!


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