Day 36


Act 36: Compassion
The word ‘compassion’ simply means coming alongside suffering – co-suffering with someone. That can sound a bit daunting, but when you think about it, what a gift to be able to offer someone your presence and the feeling that you’re with them. Think of areas where you’ve suffered in the past, and find a way to share time with someone who’s suffering similarly today.

Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” 

(Colossians 3:12 NIV)

Choose how to complete this act…
GREEN OPTION:Note down two or three people you know who are struggling at the moment and commit to pray for them daily.
YELLOW OPTION:Talk to someone, even if you don’t know what to say. Knowing you are sorry for, and care about, their situation is a good start.
Volunteer with an organisation that comes alongside those who are st

I am not in a position to volunteer in an organisation that comes along side people – I am already paid to to this. And today I conducted a funeral and so publicly stood alongside those who mourn and hopefully offered them some comfort and hope.

Today’s reflection said: “Think of areas where you’ve suffered in the past, and find a way to share time with someone who’s suffering similarly today.” I found it painful to lose my mum when she died in 1993. About a year later I poured out my anger at God during a retreat. When I went for a walk I felt as though Jesus was walking along side me with his arm around my shoulders and saying that God would be as a mother to me. Quite often when the person whose funeral I am taking has been a mother and one or more of her children are present I say that God is like a mother, as well as a father. I quote Jesus saying that he longed to gather the people up like a mother hen protecting her chicks. I have used my experience to enhance my conducting of a funeral. At least I hope it enhances it. People seem to appreciate my ministry,

I have started preparation for Maundy Thursday evening and after a long walk during which I was mulling over Jesus’ mandate to his followers to take bread and wine to remember him and to love and serve one another, taking a bowl and towel and washed their feet as an example, I was keeping my eyes open for hawthorn or similar to make a crown of thorns for Good Friday’s family service. I said hello to a few dog walkers and some people i knew, but nobody seemed to be in any need of comfort.

I am looking forward to a quiet night in with my darling husband. This year may be the first one that i have a Holy Week during which I manage to do some reflective reading and prayer for myself and not simply to prepare something for others. I hope and pray you have a good Holy Week….. Lent is nearly over!

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  1. Your blog made me remember my fist church. This was the church I first attended, where I was confirmed and where I was married. One of the most emotional services was Maundy Thursday. It is very solemn. There is no foot-washing but the altar is completely stripped. It always makes me cry. Although it’s powerful and sad, it’s also cleansing, if that makes sense? Stripping the altar after communion is an emotional and powerful reminder of Christ’s actions.


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