Day 37

Am annoyed that I didn’t start typing this morning. My keyboard for iPad needs charging so this is annoying using the one on screen. So this will be short.

If we’re honest, as Christians it’s easy to develop blind spots for people who don’t fit our categories. One example is people who’ve left the faith. How often do we find ourselves being generous to those who don’t share in our beliefs any more? Find a way to make someone feel loved without holding back the truth of what we believe.

Green: Get coffee with an old friend who isn’t in church any more – and hang out with no strings attached.

Amber: Ask that person to tell their story, and just sit and listen.

Red: Don’t shy away from talking about Jesus, even if it’s awkward. 

“But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect…” (1 Peter 3:15 NIV)

Initial reaction was that the only people that fit this category are my daughters and there’s no way I would start to talk to them about their lack of church attendance. They are aged 39 and 36.

So I went into the day to see what would develop. After the 9am communion service I had a long chat with one of the congregation who does not receive communion from me because I am a woman. It was a good time of sharing how I felt rejection by the church that I attended where my faith was reignited and I was called into ministry. They have signed resolutions not to have women priests. She was also able to say how she felt and we have previously discussed her reasons. I assured her that I was ok with her not receiving (which I am) and that she must take her time to work through the issues.

I believe that in time she will receive in this church as she is genuinely seeking to do the right thing.

So I reckon this counts as doing today’s act.

The rest of the day was spent in preparation for Easter and finishing off Thursday evening’s sermon. This afternoon I had a walk to collect hawthorn twigs to make a crown of thorns (tomorrow) while various Easter hymns went through my mind….. Thine be the glory … and … alleluia alleluia give thanks to the risen lord.

This evening I attended the Lent group in church which has been led by one of our Readers. She had laid out various prayer stations based on the previous weeks’ sessions. It was very good.



  1. It’s interesting that you talk about the woman who wouldn’t take communion from you.

    I am a confirmed Lutheran, and it’s taught that women shouldn’t be ordained into the ministry and shouldn’t give communion.

    Since moving town and finding a new church, two of the people who helped me through my divorce are women clergy. I don’t have any issue with it but I know some of my Lutheran women friends still show horror when they attend my church and a female leads the service of even leads prayers.

    May God richly bless your ministry.

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