Life after Lent

I am not sure how to use this wordpress website. I originally set this blog up to do the 40 Acts for Lent. However I may write the odd update on my life. 

One of my hobbies and interests in painting a drawing. I set myself the challenge to do a drawing every day this year in a specially bought sketch book. I’m pleased to say that I have managed it so far. I only missed two days. One when I totally forgot and another when I was ill. So I am very pleased with myself. I have also continued painting and my last one, finished this week, has gained a lot of ‘likes’ from 2 art facebook pages. So I share it with you here. I was not totally pleased with, despite the encouraging comments from the other members of the art group I attend on Tuesday evenings. However, I decided I was going to finish it this week – and so I did. 

It’s from a photo that my husband took whilst we were on holiday. It looks better from a distance than close up, as is often the case with paintings. 

I am looking forward to our retreat in June which is a prayer and painting retreat. I am going along to be considered as a possible chaplain for other such retreats. I do wonder what God has in store for me in the future. We wait and see. But before the retreat my husband and I will be running a quiet day for healing, wholeness and hope at one of my churches that is almost next to a ruined abbey. So far I think about 8 people will be attending. And I see it has been highlighted on the back page diary of our diocese newspaper, so more people may ask to come along. I hope and pray for good weather because the church is not very big.


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