Celebrating Marriage

It was a very busy weekend last week and my feet ached by Sunday night! Terry and I led a service celebrating marriage and in which 10 couples (including ourselves) renewed their marriage vows. We also had a set of banns to read and two couples with big wedding anniversaries to pray for. All in all, a wonderful service. And the flower festival has been a great success with some wonderful arrangements and displays – all on the theme of weddings and anniversaries.

This is us from the group photo.

I preached on the Song of Songs, pretty much the same as I do at weddings, but with extra bits for this occasion. If you wish to read the sermon it is on my church website http://www.rdch.org.uk

In the week prior to that I had been working on sketches for a painting of me dancing and started work on a calligraphy workbook.

It’s slow work and probably going to take several weeks. But the ideas are forming and I think I know what I want to achieve. The challenge will be doing it!

Last week had some good quiet times where I remembered that God has been with me through some difficult times and brought me into a time of rejoicing. Friday was the 7th anniversary of our first date. I have much to thank God for.

As I write this it is now Thursday 1st August – my day off and almost at another weekend. Not sure why I didn’t post this at the time. So am doing so now as Terry and I sit and have a drink after a lovely walk during which I reflected that the walking pole has been the best present he ever bought me (except for engagement and eternity rings). It means I can go up and down hills with him. I will write another post soon. I think I was waiting to see if I could come up with something a bit more theological! Sorry….. perhaps another day!


  1. Thank you for sharing you art work with us – It’s interesting seeing how you plan. I tend to just go for it, and see what happens! I like to have results “now”! Perhaps I should take a leaf out of your book.
    Thank you for the kind words on my last art post on my blog. I appreciate it very much.


  2. I have only just started to plan my art work. I usually just ‘go for it’ and then am not pleased with the results. This afternoon’s effort being an example – see the blog which i will write up tomorrow.


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