In the shadow of your wings…….

I’ve been dwelling on the aspect of dwelling in the shadow of God’s wings today. So I’ve done a couple of drawings which are preliminary sketches to something that I am still mulling over.

Psalm 91 verse 4
A wing – from a YouTube tutorial.

Psalm 91 inspired the journal entries and picture below, back in May 1991. I am tying to do an improved version of the picture – don’t hold your breath!!!

I was in a very different place then compared to now. I was learning that I could rely on God and lean on him in difficult times. I was also thinking about the way that I often looked for God in various places: church, books, charismatic prayer meetings and songs, praying with other people as well as being aware of his presence in the beauty of the countryside and nature. And I believe God was drawing me closer to him to reveal that often we seek him everywhere but in the still place in our hearts. Be still and know that I am God.

Moving on to 1993, I was still being nagged by God to be still and become more aware of his presence. Isaiah 43:1-8 has, for many years, brought me comfort and I wrote the following after a time of meditating on it and being still in God’s presence.

Meditation on Isaiah 43:1-8

Be still and know that I am God
I am the God that cares for you.
I made you and delight in you.
Come and be still with me.

I called you by name and you are mine
I have brought you through many waters
and I will carry you through more
Do not be afraid for I am with you.

You do not need to know where I am leading
Trust and obey each step of the way
and I’ll take you into fullness of life.
in me are your peace and security.

I hope that these words will speak to your heart, as they did to mine – and indeed still do. None of us knows what God has in store for us nor what misfortune may come our way. I do not believe that God sends us difficulties and suffering to test us, but I do believe that when they do, he does sustain us and our faith is tested. And with that testing our faith (and by that I mean trust) in God is strengthened and deepened.


    1. I mean the picture that is displayed with the advert for the individual blog entry. Today it was wings and the first picture I originally had as the first one in my blog was the pencil drawing of wings. But when I posted it, the facebook page for my blog displayed the picture from my old journal entry. I switched the order of the pictures on my blog in the hope that it would change. It seems to be a random ‘choice’ by WordPress which picture to display with the link to the blog post. I hope this makes sense. .


      1. I think that is a facebook thing as opposed to a wordpress thing. I am notified by email when you post an entry, so I saw the correct thing. I am not sure if there is anything you can do as Facebook has a law all of it’s own 🙂

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