Having a Go At Abstract Art. What colour combination is best?

I found one of the pottery dishes in the cottage we stayed in on holiday attractive and wanted to draw the design.

Pottery dish on mantelpiece in holiday cottage

It wasn’t as easy as it looked! However, my feeble attempt morphed into this which I painted using first watercolour pencils and then as I progressed I used watercolour paints. I regret using ordinary pencil first, but when I started it I didn’t know where I was going with it. I was trying out different colour combinations and this is not intended to be a finished piece, rather a test piece:

Testing out different colour combinations

I have a piece of paper on my easel which I swirled some leftover paint onto ready for something – but I didn’t know what. (It was from the Epiphany picture from 3rd January post). Perhaps it would be another painting of a moonlit path like the very successful one I’d previously done. However, looking at it now, I can see the potential of it being an abstract piece based on this design. It is acrylic paint and so easily gone over – it won’t run/blend/bleed like watercolours.

Leftover paint ready for ……. ?

I will take it to art group on Tuesday and see what I am left with at the end of the evening.

I am publishing this now rather than waiting to show the end result. What colours do you think I should go for when doing the final piece from scratch? The leftover paint paper will obviously be basically a green one!

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