Funky Fish’s Big Brother is under way

No, not a new reality show but my scaled up version of the fish picture I did a couple of weeks ago that lots of people liked. The original was done in water colours and then brightened up by scanning and photoshop (thanks to my husband) this one is acrylics.

I have done the background and outlined the fish and am excited about using some recently purchased iridescent paint.

Will be taking photos each step of the way as a record of how I did it. Follow me if you want to see how it develops. I think the bottom fins are not quite right, but that will be adjusted later on. Am going to do some background next.

Background base layer done using a 1” paintbrush and then blocked in the main areas of yellow and red on the fish.

Funky Fish (on top) and his big brother in progress

That’s it for today. I feel it has got off to a good start. It won’t be exactly the same as the original mainly due to the difference in proportions – and the fact that I wasn’t trying to do an exact copy. But I am going to try to keep some of the main features. We will see as I work on it and where I go with the flow.

I wasn’t sure whether to share this or not. I did the painting on Friday as it was my day off. I didn’t do any today but hope to do a bit tomorrow afternoon perhaps. Please ‘like’ if you are interested in having progress reports. I won’t be offended if I don’t get ‘likes’ but just won’t bother blogging it as we go but wait till it is finished and do it all on one blog.

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