Funky Fish’s big brother – progress report

If you missed my previous post – please look at Funky Fish’s Big Brother is under way. This is the next stage in its creation.

I’ve done a bit more and am pleased with how it is going. Not as easy as the watercolour version and part of that is the size. Also I am doing this for a very special person (my daughter) whereas the other one was just some fun at art group.

Funky Fish Big brother in progress

I put the black lines in for the background and then didn’t like them as they were too thick. Squirted too much white out so that got used up on background and border. Have taken a break to do something else.

Had another session this afternoon and this is where I’ve got to:

Funky Fish – progress at end of 2nd day

The next stage will be to brighten up the reds, which look very dark on this photo.

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