Doodle Tree is a success

Am enjoying a couple of days off with my husband. Clergy in Lichfield Diocese are encouraged to take two clear days off once a month – it is even in our conditions of ministry. However, like most of us I rarely manage it. I do always take my day off each week and I take my full entitlement of holidays (including Sundays off), but I can’t remember the last time I had a double day off. It’s been a lighter week with it being half term so no schools work and I have kept myself clear of preaching on Sunday so no sermon to write.

As I was waiting for Terry to be ready to leave I did a quick doodle of a tree and started decorating it in the same style as Funky Fish. It was completed in stages as the day progressed. I was limited in my materials and am very pleased with it, for what it is – not a seriously thought out piece of art.

Doodle Tree


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