40acts day 2

Mmmmm the suggestion is to do a task (unpleasant, menial) that is really someone else’s job, eg clean something up. Not sure if I will get the opportunity for that today. It is sermon writing morning and this afternoon I may or may not go to Mothers’ Union – depends upon time. The household tasks are already mine (and husband’s – we don’t do his and hers jobs).

I emailed the 40acts people yesterday and their reply included “You don’t need to complete every act, just do what you can”. This is good to know for people like me who get discouraged and tempted to give up if something isn’t achievable easily. And yes, I know Lent isn’t supposed to be easy – but it should be do-able.

I also receive the Church of England reflections which focus on creation this year. The suggestion for today for them is to praise God for Creation. So, pondering this over my first cup of tea this morning, I think that this Lent I will look at both each day and decide which challenge to attempt. Praising God for Creation is easily do-able – in fact something I do each time I go for a walk.

Also doing some cleaning is something I ought to do. Perhaps I should clean the inside of the windows (or some of them). They certainly aren’t doing it themselves. There are lots of other jobs that need doing round the house….. oh dear – sorry readers, I am in danger of “going off on one” and a guilt trip. And the day is already well under way, so time for morning prayer and I’ll write up what the day brings this evening.

It’s been a busy full-on day. I didn’t have time to clean windows – the best I could do was clear the dining room table ready for a meeting. My walk was postponed until the afternoon and I did it on the way to a school governors’ meeting. I took the long route via the lake at JCB headquarters. I decided that I would praise God for creation including the creation of this lovely village and at the same time look out for litter. I forgot to take a bag with me, but as it happened all I found was a banana skin next to the bin and then a till receipt that was also near to a bin. So I picked them both up and deposited them. Not a big deal – but I probably wouldn’t have normally bothered. Perhaps in future I will. I also thanked God for the people who do keep the village and the lake so clean and tidy – and asked him to bless them. So many people do things to keep our environment looking good, and I know that where I live the surroundings are particularly beautiful, which I thank God for.


  1. I remind myself that being generous can mean being generous to myself if I don’t manage to “do” the Act exactly as suggested. If your eyes are open to opportunities to share God’s love for others, for creation, then you will be generous – just in other ways!! It’s not about a tick list, it’s about a gradual changing of heart.

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    1. I agree that if we are not careful we can approach Lent as something of an achievement. I approach these acts as suggestions and will often have to adjust to my circumstances. Many of them seem to assume that a person is at work or out and about amongst lots of other people. Hope you have a good Lent.


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