40acts Day 3


Fat chance of being generous today – not because I am mean, but it is my day off and I won’t be seeing anyone except my beloved husband. We have set off in the car for a walk and admiring the various fields along the way. Some are white with snow and others are still green. A bit slippery under the car wheels so I stopped and let Terry drive! We had to turn back when we tried to go over the Weaver hills. But we have ended up near Leek and I am typing this in a pub I haven’t been in for years since I was a curate. The 3 Horseshoes. I had a coffee. And now for the walk……

We got all togged up and ready – waterproofs and wellies – but just a short walk by the road where we’d parked and splashes by lorries in the slush combined with a biting wind meant we turned back to the car. Writing this in The Royal Oak at Mayfield (nr Ashbourne) for a half pint.

I have decided that my generous act today will be to give some advertising to the manufacturer of crisps based in Staffordshire. We had them at the 3 Horseshoes and they were very good. I have ordered a box of them.


Back home and we eat our picnic lunch. I then settle down for the rest of the afternoon to do some painting.

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