40acts catch up

I am extremely frustrated with the WordPress website and the app I have on my ipad that is supposed to make things easier. I won’t bore you with details but suffice to say this is going to be short as I have already spent too much time on it especially as there is very little to report. Apologies if it looks a mess too.

Day 7


Day 8

I ‘preferred others’ today by serving soup at the church’s lent lunch.


Today has been my day off, so not seen anyone and enjoyed a drive out with Terry. However


day 9.

Amber: Check out websites like www.suspendedcoffee.com or search on Facebook for ‘suspended coffee’ to find an outlet near you where you can buy drinks for the homeless to collect later.

I looked online at the prepaid drink Organization. The nearest to me is in Derby, somewhere I rarely go. I sponsored someone for a swim they are doing to raise money for breast cancer.

Today I have picked up litter during my walk and have written a card to send to someone who is ill.

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