40acts Day 11

A lovely surprise awaited me today. In the post was this card:

It was from our Rainbows at church. They had taken the trouble to post it rather than put it through the door. I have cropped off the address – this was on the other side:


Today’s act is focussing on friends and the importance of listening carefully. The reflection contained one of my husband’s favourite quotations:

‘Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.’ Stephen R. Covey

The green option (easiest) was “Call a friend who you know is struggling and ask them how they are.” I phoned a friend who had put on Facebook that they had hurt themselves, and I had put on the thread that I hoped they were soon better. When I rang though it went through to answerphone. So I left a message saying I hope that we can catch up soon. A bit disappointing, but I’ve been busy all day and am out this evening at Lent group. So that’s today’s challenge not quite done…. oh well! Tomorrow is another day, as they say.

I hope that everyone else’s 40acts is going better than mine. I was in the staff room of one of the schools I go into this morning and there was a chart of various acts of kindness that you could indicate you had done by rubbing off the silver covering (like a scratch card). I didn’t have a coin and none of the other things I had worked so although I tried to add to it, I was unsuccessful.

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