Funky Fish’s Big Brother is Finished

Frankie – Funky Fish’s Big Brother

At last, my fishy project is finally finished. I have enjoyed doing this. There are still bits of it I am not happy with, but you have to know when to stop! The main thing is that my daughter Frances loves it. And it will hang on her wall. It is her 40th birthday tomorrow so that is the date I put on it when I signed the finished picture. My husband will take some good photos of it so we can produce prints.

Today I added the final black on the fish (only 5 lines) and after consulting with daughter put in the red dots. I had thought about yellow but they don’t work. I also printed off a photo of it to see what a shoal of black fish would look like and other lines on background. They don’t work so the background stays as it is. I touched up the white border before adding the red dots which also meant another tidying up with black pen as white didn’t behave itself. I think I should have used a different brush and technique.

I named the fish Frankie after my daughter who is known by friends as Frankie. I do not call her Frankie. To me she is Fran or Frances.

Here’s the progress photos since the last blog, which was 28 Feb.

1st March – black swirls added
5th March – more black and some red swirls and other detail added
13th March – final fish marking done.
red or yellow dots? Decide no black details on background

What next? I hear you ask. I will turn my attention to a picture started a long time ago that got shelved. It is entitled Are We There Yet? It needs quite a lot doing to it as it is just the basic outline of an idea.

If I were to do another picture in the same style as funky fish then I had thought of a crocodile or an owl. And of course, I have already got 4 funky fish started. They got shelved for now.

Four Funky Fish – in progress


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