Good Friday

I have had a busy day – nothing new in that. Good Friday is usually stressful as I get ready for the various reflections. The difference this year is that I spent an inordinate amount of time preparing a video fo 54 minutes duration for our Facebook Worship. I did the story telling for families live.

As I packed away the items from the storytellling into their plastic storage box I thought – that’s Good Friday packed away till next year. I am now writing this looking at the bare cross and wondering how I can decorate it for Sunday. One of the things I used to enjoy doing when my children were little was going to church on the Saturday and making a big Easter garden ready for the Sunday celebrations.

The 40acts for today was about supporting Christians who are persecuted. I spent some time reading about how to send a letter but then didn’t have time to actually do it. Perhaps next week.

I was sad today at the news of a friend’s death as well as news of someone in our village fighting coronavirus – a single mum with a 12 year old daughter. And as much as we don’t want our loved ones to die, at least we know that if they do, because of Good Friday and their trust in Jesus we know where they are when they do. Doesn’t’ stop it hurting though.

So that’s today’s blog. No art work. No great thoughts. I hope you have a blessed Saturday as you await the celebrations of Resurrection on Sunday.

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