40 acts is finished

I’m glad that Lent is over and that we are celebrating the Resurrection. It has been a difficult Lent this year and I have to confess I didn’t complete all 40 acts. Some days I didn’t even look to see what I was being challenged to do, nor did I go back and check. As I was adjusting my work to the needs of those around me, trying to respond to the needs of the wider community as well as those of the church somehow the 40 acts seemed irrelevant to me. I did occasionally feel guilty that I wasn’t doing them but having just completed a survey for the 40acts organisation I realise that what following 40acts has done is help me to see that much of my life is already taken up with helping others. It may not be in the simple acts they suggest, but in many other ways. So, I don’t feel too bad. Next year I will sign up again and have another go. And I would definitely encourage others to join in too, so with that in mind, I cannot say I won’t do it myself.

food bank notice

This morning I put up a sign at the end of my drive inviting people to leave donations for the food bank in my porch. I cleaned up the box for them to go in and labelled that too. Acts of kindness and helping are not restricted to Lent (obviously!) but Lent is an opportunity to review and adjust and maybe do a little bit more than usual. I take no credit for the colourful poster – that was done by one of my church wardens. I did the pain one!

So – Lent is over – Easter is here – let’s continue to live our lives showing the love of Christ to others. Thank you for reading my blog. It was 40acts last year that got me into blogging, so for that I am grateful too as I enjoy sharing my thoughts with others (must be the preacher in me).

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