A lovely spring day feels like summer

It’s my day off today and so I have spent it relaxing and doing some painting. The picture is in my art and prayer journal and I hope to finish it tomorrow for use on Sunday. So I won’t show a picture of it today….. you will have to wait and see.

Whilst having a break I sat in the sun on the patio. It was beautifully warm, and indeed got a bit too hot after a while so I had to retreat indoors. However, before I did, I wrote a poem which, after a bit of editing, I wrote up in my sketch book using a calligraphy pen. Not pleased with the artistic result, but perhaps it will develop if I work on it a bit more.

On a hot summer’s morn
daisies and dandelions
decorate the lawn.

Weeds populate the patio
birds call to each other
a fly buzzes past my ear

I’m glad to be here

Sitting in the sun
sipping my tea
without a care in the world

There may be bad news
of a pandemic
like no other
but just for now
it’s me and a cuppa
my Lord and me
on a hot summer’s morn
looking at the lawn.

I wait until afternoon before going for a walk. Sunshine and me don’t mix when walking. This is a concern because on the spur of the moment this morning I signed up to do one million steps between 1st July and 30th September. This averages 10,000 per day which is about 3.5 miles, requiring me to walk at lest 3 miles each day in addition to the usual movement around the house and elsewhere.

If you would like to support me in this by sponsoring me here’s the page: https://step.diabetes.org.uk/pages/liz-6

I am also doing this for my own purposes. I need to get fit. I get very upset when I can’t keep up with Terry when we are walking. I am overweight and unfit. I suspect a contributing factor is the operation and radiotherapy 3 years ago as well as generally being happy and content – and eating too much. – Oh and let’s not forget the hormones/menopause!. I have also been diagnosed this week with arthritis after experiencing a lot of pain in my left knee. Part of the treatment is to walk and exercise rather than rest it. So doing this will encourage me to keep increasing the distance I walk and built up stamina whilst, hopefully, getting a bit lighter.

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