Looks like I’m having to add Church Flower Arranger to my list of talents

I have never been great at arranging flowers. It takes me all my time to put a bunch of flowers into a vase. On Easter Sunday I was thrilled to have been given a beautiful arrangement to grace the table for communion. The table being the one in my dining room, not the usual one in church. They looked beautiful and fresh.

Easter Flowers

We are now on the eve of the 3rd Sunday of Easter, as I begin this blog entry. And the arrangement has wilted – that’s actually an understatement.

Easter flowers awaiting remedial action.

After a phone call to my lovely church warden Susan asking if there were any artificial flowers in church I could use, I found some freshly cut flowers and some artificial forsythia on my doorstep. As i write this, they are sitting in my utility room awaiting my attention.

I decided to leave them until morning. So after breakfast and before setting up the dining room for communion I did the new arrangement. And although I know it could be better, I was happy with it. The white flowers in the middle had already been in a vase for a week and were starting to shed petals so I dare not mess about too much with them. I also decided to risk using the yellow roses that have started to dry out – with the distance of the ipad filming the service I thought we’d get away with it. This picture is closer up than the people at home would see.

The new Easter flowers.

It was actually easier than I expected. And so the day got off to a good start.


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