7 days, 7 photos (days 4 – 6)

Morning Cuppa Plus

Thursday was actually the first day that I had not had the Naproxen tablets. They are strong pain killers and anti inflammatory for arthritis. For the last few weeks I have had severe pain in my left knee to the extent that I could not put any weight on it at all. It eased off and I thought I was getting better then one day as I went upstairs carrying a tray with 2 mugs of tea my knee suddenly ‘went’ – something snapped/went ping…. difficult to describe but extremely painful. I ended up using a walking pole to hobble around. Going up and down stairs was only possible using one leg/one step at a time and then I gradually risked using both legs equally with a pole for extra support. I eventually went to the doctor as I didn’t know whether I should rest it, use it or what. And the ibuprofen didn’t seem to be making much difference.

I had not gone to the doctor earlier because of the coronavirus situation. I didn’t want to take up his time and add to the NHS workload. However, I had to phone the surgery about picking up a prescription for someone so while I was on the phone I asked the receptionist about seeing the doctor. She arranged for the doctor to phone me that afternoon. He diagnosed arthritis over the phone and prescribed the drugs, which I was able to pick up at the same time as the other person’s medication. I am thankful that the village has a doctor’s surgery which also dispenses. And in normal circumstances they also have a no appointment morning clinic.

The painkillers have worked and very soon my mobility increased. Friday (day off) I walked 4.72 miles – the furthest I had walked in over a year. I felt really good about it and no pain in any joints. A bit tired and found the last bit difficult, but not too much so. The day also turned out a bit too hot for comfort.

Here’s an extra photo (not part of the challenge)

By the River Dove
My front door step

The next day’s photo is fairly obvious. I live in a vicarage and part of our church’s support for the community is to collect food for a food bank operating in a nearby town by another church. It is good to be able to do this.

I’ve got time to knit

One of the good things to come out of this current situation is that I don’t have evening meetings. Oh joy!!! I could get used to this. I have enough energy at the end of the working day to relax, watch a film with hubby and do some knitting. This is yarn that is Aran weight and was originally bought to produce a lovely jacket for myself. Unfortunately I ran out of yarn and couldn’t get any more. It sat around for a few years – long enough for me to increase at least 2 sizes, so if I had finished the jacket it would no longer fit me anyway. So I unraveled it and dug out an old pattern that I knitted for myself probably in the 1980s in a dark maroon fluffy yarn. I wondered if it would work and with not having enough yarn for a jumper full of cables I thought I’d try this one. I think I will have enough. My measurements are bigger than the biggest size on the pattern so I have added some stitches to each side and hope that when I come to the sleeve and neck it won’t matter. We will see.

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