7 days, 7 photos – No.7

This final photo is the set-up for leading night prayer. I place my ipad on a lap-tray which is on a cushion on a desk chair in order for it to be the right height to not have people looking up my nose. This is the received wisdom and advice about using an ipad or phone to live stream.

Image may contain: people sitting and indoor

This evening though I led the night prayer from my study so that I could play some music using my laptop and show the bigger screen I have. This led to a precarious ending where I cut myself off mid-sentence as I had turned the ipad around to speak into it. I did think about trying to take a photo whilst holding the ipad at the right height and angle for the music video on my TV screen but thought better of it. I was holding the ipad in my right hand with my arm resting on the chair for stability. I also had to stop myself for joining in the singing. Although the volume was very high I was obviously closer to the microphone than the speakers and I didn’t want to spoil it.

I wondered about the use of a music stand. The problem with ipad holders is that they have the ipad tilted at an angle, pointing upwards not at right angles. Will work on it as I think the people who join me for night prayer appreciate some music. I have started to play some as we go online live, while people gather and join and then tonight two tracks at the end – those were ‘congregation’ choice.

The enforced change in worship provision is leading us into all sorts of technical realms never dreamt of before. I am now getting quite good at putting together a video using still photos, voice recordings and videos. I was pleased with the one I did for VE Day 75th anniversary celebrations and am now working on one for this Sunday for Rogation Sunday – praying for farmers and work on the land. I wonder how many people will want to continue with online worship and prayers once churches are open. Other than in Holy Week, I have never led night prayer on a regular basis. We will see. I can definitely see us filming the Sunday services for the benefit of those who are not able to attend in person. I have even looked into having a church YouTube channel.

But for now, I am ready to relax, have my evening meal with my beloved husband and look forward to a day off tomorrow walking a little bit further from home now we have permission. I hope that our chosen destination isn’t too popular.


  1. We’ve found that putting together a power point presentation works well – I’m not sure how you might put speech into it though…I think you can record your voice speaking. It might be a bit late now – I don’t know when churches etc will be open in the UK


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