Creative Christianity Summit

I have signed up for a creativity summit, aka an online conference over 5 days with different speakers and workshops. It starts tomorrow. Fortunately attendees will be able to access the videos for a year, which is just as well because there is a lot available:

  • Origami
  • bible journalling
  • crochet a rainbow
  • hand lettering
  • watercolours
  • interviews and talks
  • theological input

So I hope I can engage fully with this. Each day starts with a video at 2pm and ends with a live online session at 8pm. I will blog each day, if I can.

As I checked Facebook this morning, just before my prayers I noticed some comments on an advert for it from someone who wanted to go but couldn’t afford to. I had noticed that on the website for the summit there’s the opportunity to buy a half price ticket for a friend – or to donate one and let the organizers give it to someone. I thought about gifting one to this person, dismissed it as I didn’t know her, and then thought again. I asked her if she would like me to buy her one. She did. So I did. Doing the Lent 40acts is ongoing. Our Lent disciplines should have a lasting effect on our discipleship, otherwise, why bother? I know I didn’t complete all of the 40acts this year so I feel that this makes up for one of the missed ones.

I have been very tired today, having woken up at 4.30am and got up at about 5.30am so it’s been a difficult day to keep going. I attended an online webinar this morning run by CPAS for church leaders in lockdown. The subject was Rhythms, Rest and Focus. Many of us are struggling with exhaustion. CPAS did a survey at the beginning of lockdown and the majority of respondents felt energized by all the wonderful opportunities to Zoom, Facebook services and respond to those in need. Now they are worn out. I am not surprised. It was an excellent webinar and I would recommend the one in July (topic not yet decided).

One of the suggestions of coping is to review your routines as our circumstances change, taking 15 minutes each week to do a review. What worked at one time may not be working now. They also affirmed the need for rest, recreation, and hobbies. So my continuing with the creative outlets is a good thing, and I should not feel guilty about spending time on it. And if I do feel guilty I will remind myself that some of the seminars are to do with church and ministry. So this is part of my ministry development.

I think this is enough for one day. The sun is shining and I need to go for a walk, now it is cooling down…..

a walk and a prayers,
taking time to stare
with God who cares

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