Creative Christianity Summit – Saturday

I haven’t managed to watch very much of the summit as today has been sermon writing and preparation for Sunday. However, despite that I did manage to watch a little bit of an interview with a watercolour artist with my lunch – and more impressively in a moment of wanting to escape the 1,001 thoughts chasing round my head for the sermon I clicked onto the Facebook page only to discover there was an interview with Paul Blackham under way: a nice surprise! What was even more amazing was that he was talking about Jesus being the image of God, the very thing that I was going to mention in my sermon! He then gave a brilliant illustration using refracted light in water (aka rainbows) to show that Jesus is the reflection of God and in him are ALL the colours of LIGHT. Thank You!!!! He also mentioned that Jesus told people that he didn’t speak of his own accord, but what the Father told him. So we haven’t got to be super-duper clever to speak for God.

I went for a walk to mull things over and see if I could come up with a sermon outline. I always think better whilst walking. As I crossed a field towards the River Dove I recalled what Paul had said about Jesus speaking the Father’s words, not his own and as I prayed that I might do the same as I preached, I noticed a lovely feather. Whenever I see a feather I feel that God is reminding me that when we are weak and struggling, he will lift us up by the Holy Spirit so we will soar as though on eagles’ wings. It is probably not an eagle feather – although we do have buzzards round here – it is brown and could be! Anyway, I thought it was God’s timing and His message. I should know by now that any effective preaching is a mix of perspiration and inspiration. We do the work of bible study etc and God fills it with His breath. While I sat by the river pondering and making notes I thought about the way that muddy water wouldn’t be able to show a rainbow. A metaphor for sin – when we allow God to clean up the sin in us then we are like clear water and able to reflect all the colours of God’s light. His image in us is restored.

I managed to get it typed up on my return and after lunch got on with the all age service video (which, thankfully exported to an mp4 file on first attempt) and did some more work on my picture. I wrote various things on it and am glad that I listened to my instincts and didn’t go back to work over the lighter bits with more paint.

Unfortunately I don’t think I will be able to participate in any of the online things tonight as I believe my place is on the settee with my beloved. I look forward to seeing them later. I have had enough for today and need a restful night ready for tomorrow.

Walking in the Light of Christ

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