Creative Christianity Summit – Sunday

Today is Fathers’ Day and when I opened up Facebook my ‘memories’ reminded me that it is also the 17th anniversary of my ordination as a priest.

Me and dad 21st June 2003 when I was ordained priest

Today I celebrated Holy Communion and preached from my dining table – who would have thought that 17 years ago (or even last year)? I shared some of the things from the summit (rainbows/light being like Jesus reflection of God’s image) as well as showing my Late Afternoon Walk picture and poem I had written and became the ending of my sermon (see the blog for day 1 of summit, link at end of this blog).

I realised why there is a blank space on the picture at the top left (tops of trees). Today I will reflect on those years.

My ordination was also a special time of family gathering. My religious convictions and calling were a strange thing to my family. As one of my cousins said upon hearing I was to become a vicar “we’ve never had one of them in the family!” I don’t come from a practising Christian family. I knew my dad was proud of me when I eventually got a degree at the age of 43 but I hadn’t realised that he was also proud of me when I was ordained 2 years later. A cousin told me that recently that dad had told her of his pride over the refreshments after the priesting, and it brought a tear to my eye.

This afternoon I watched most of the Bible Journaling Workshop with Doodling Faith. I worked along with watching it, putting into practice the techniques they demonstrated. I started with the word ABBA, as that’s the theme for today. It helped me to reflect on the last 17 years, and on God, my Father. I am not sure if it is 100% finished, but I’ve done all I’m going to do today.

Bible Journal Page
Inside the flap

I also decided on the scripture to go on the top left corner of my Late Afternoon Walk painting….. still not sure of the definitive title for this, but I am sure something will come to me.

A late afternoon walk

If you would like to know what prompted this picture, then read my blog from day 1 of the summit.

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