Four Funky Fish

As the title of this blog indicates, the main achievement of my day off today is finishing a painting of Four Funky Fish. But before I did that, I finished a Brush Lettering video workshop from the Creative Christianity Summit. Not the best. But not bad for a first attempt. I started off using blue watercolour for the lettering then though it was a good idea to do another layer of red over it to create a more purple look – a mistake, not a good idea. I partly rescued it by outlining the letters with black. I had gone for a walk half way through doing it – along a beautiful dale in the Peak District and whilst walking the words “I am with you always” were on my mind. I also noticed how many different leaf shapes there are as I was part way through doing the leaf border.

I am with you always

After finishing that I resumed work on the four fish. This has been on hold for a while. I started it just before Funky fish’s big brother, which I did as a birthday present for my daughter.

You can read about it and see how it progressed here:

The first Funky Fish that I painted was as a result of a lesson at art group in January. I had picked up a couple of fish paintings – one with a single fish and the other with 4 fish. I did the single one and then made a start on the 4.

My first Funky Fish
Four funky fish on their way

Despite various attempts to find the original pictures that inspired me I do not know the artist. I would have like to have acknowledge them. However I think my work is different enough to not be taken as a copy. Here they are.

Original Funky Fish
Original Four Fish

The other moment of note today is that I received some laces and a badge from Diabetes UK thanking me for getting over £100 in support. I am only just over that amount and therefore just over half way to the target of £200 that I set. I do hope that we are not in for a hot spell of weather as I find it difficult to walk in the heat. However, I will do my best. If you would like to sponsor me that would be much appreciated – just go onto my page:

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