Praise God from whom all blessing flow

I’ve had a good day off today and feel blessed to live here, so close to the Peak District. I went for a walk with my lovely husband at lunch time: a short (3.7miles) circular route including a bit of the River Dove and the Tissington Trail. There was a difficult bit when we realised we were on the wrong path and needed to go down a very steep bank….. too steep for comfort for me. But I eventually got down it.

In the afternoon I watched a bit of TV. I wanted to do some painting but didnt know what I wanted to paint and was very tired. So I got some watercolour paper, taped it to a board, wet it and started to drop some paint on it. I held the board up so the paint ran down. I painted some lines to form what eventually became the flowers after a few layers of paint. I blew on paint – and got a straw which was easier. Looking at it, I thought the blobs of paint looked like balloons. So I used an ink pen to do some outlining. And then added PRAISE GOD down the right side. After a bit of prayerful thinking I added words from Philippians 4:

Philippians 4:4-7

I would have liked to have decorated it in my journal bible, but highlighters were the best I could manage.

I am pleased with the finished picture and it is now on my prayer table.

Phil 4:4-6

I wonder if I have been subconsciously influenced by a card I received earlier in the week telling me that prayers had been answered. It was bought from M&S and she had added the words ”Jesus’ Love” and written a long letter about how God had answered prayers in her daughter’s situation.

God longs to bless us and answer our prayers. We need to remember to rejoice in His love, to be gentle and kind to each other (and to ourselves) and to bring all our requests to God, with thankfulness and trust knowing that He holds us in His everlasting arms.

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