Nobody knows what the future holds – and that’s just as well.

I regularly contribute to a local newspaper’s Church Corner and agreed with the editor that I would refrain from publishing what I had written until after the paper was out. So here’s what I wrote on Monday morning (the deadline being 2pm that day).

It was my birthday last week and I received over 70 messages wishing me a Happy Birthday and of those, 10 contained ‘God bless’.  As I reflected on that I decided that I would rather be blessed than simply happy.   Happiness is fleeting but blessings last.  They go deeper, into the roots of our being. 

When I come to the end of the day, looking back I try to see where God has been – the blessings, the times that I have blessed others and they have blessed me.  I also acknowledge the ‘not so good’, then commit the next day to God.   I am confident that having known God is with me through the ups and downs of the day (and looking further back, through my life) then he will be with me tomorrow, whatever that may bring, good or bad.

Last week also had the startling news of a 13th sign for the zodiac.  I was surprised to find that I fleetingly felt a tiny bit put out that according to the new list I was no longer a Cancer.   Many years ago I would consult my horoscope to see what the day/week/year would bring.   I didn’t really believe them – they were a bit of fun. However when I committed my life to Jesus and discovered that even if not true, consulting horoscopes is forbidden in the bible, I stopped looking at them.

I have discovered that as a Christian there is no need to look anywhere else other than to God for guidance in life.   As it says in Proverbs 3:  “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight.  In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.  Do not be wise in your own eyes” (v5-7)

A Christian who follows this advice, and looks to Jesus as The Way to live and The Truth about God will also find The Life in all its fullness.  It doesn’t stop bad things happening in your life, but when they do happen, the blessings of God mean that you are able to lean on him to see you through them.

I wrote that article late on Monday morning having forgotten all about the deadline over the weekend. I had given some thought about it on Thursday then put it out of my mind. Not the best piece I’ve ever written, but good enough, I hope. On the Sunday evening I had received the devastating news of a sudden death in the village and been in contact with the family to see what support I could offer on the Monday morning having had to do some detective work to get their name and phone number. Thank God for networking!

None us of knows what is round the corner. And that is just as well. So as I read through this before posting it I am once again reminded of the way that as a Christian my response to tragedy is to cry out to God for help and support – not just for myself, but for all those affected by a sudden and tragic death. It is no use looking to the stars, or to those who claim to have inside information about our destiny. The one to consult is God, through Jesus and the Holy Spirit who alone is able to sustain us in our grief, guide us through our difficult days and bring us into life everlasting.

I am finishing off this post on Friday morning (my day off). I’ve just had a very peaceful prayer time. The phrase “all my times are in your hands” had come to mind when I recalled that I hadn’t got around to actually posting this blog. So I took that into my prayer time. I turned to the psalm where that phrase is and spent quite a while prayerfully reading through it. I then took up my highlighters before being brave enough to commit crayons to paper. It is a new journalling bible and I didn’t want to mess it up! I know this is silly – it’s for my own devotions. Hopefully having done one I will be less hesitant next time.

May you know God’s blessings as you trust in him to guide you through life, today, tomorrow and always.

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