Tree of Life – Artful Elf No.10

Tree of Life used in counselling here helped me to think about what the different parts of the tree could represent.

This task was enjoyable but at the same time not quick. I feel the pressure to work quickly because I don’t want the video to be too long for people. Using watercolours meant having to stop and wait for it to dry before the next step. Where possible I doodled without commentary so that I could speed up the film, but even so I felt I had to be as quick as possible. So the resulting piece of art work isn’t as good as it could be. But…. the point of doing it was to lead people in a mindfulness exercise, not for me to produce a brilliant work of art.

Doodle Tree
doodle tree colouring sheet

Instructions for Mindfulness Doodle Tree

When you have the basic tree outlined and coloured in, start to doodle in the different areas as follows:

Roots: think about and write on the tree where you come from (village, town, country), family history (origins, family name, ancestry, extended family), names of people who have taught you the most in life, favourite place at home, a treasured song or dance.

Ground: write where you live now and activities you are engaged with in daily life.

Trunk: write skills and abilities (i.e. skills of caring, loving, kindness) and what you are good at.

Branches write support structures – those who support you, and who you support

Leaves: represent significant people in your life, who may be alive or may have died.

Fruits: represent gifts you have been given, not necessarily material gifts; gifts of being cared for, of being loved, acts of kindness.

Sky: Think about ‘blue sky thinking’ – what are your dreams for the future direction?

Continue to doodle, adding details until it feels finished. Continue to think about your life with thankfulness for all the good in it.

This morning I was seriously wondering if I should continue doing the Artful Elf or not. I felt quite emotional and not sure quite what was going on. I will do a mindfulness exercise today to consider it. I will film it, but whether I show the film or not is another matter. It might be too personal for public consumption!

I might continue on the doodle tree in my spare time as it doesn’t feel finished.

If you have enjoyed watching my Artful Elf videos, please share with others on Facebook or via this blog. It would be great to have a wider audience. My daughter is currently not on Facebook and she has offered to get the Artful Elf on instagram…. something I don’t do and don’t really know how it works.

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