The fate of Artful Elf hangs on the result of a mindful journalling exercise

Yesterday I felt a bit emotional at the thought of not continuing with the Artful Elf, but was aware that not many people engage with the videos and it could be a waste of my time. So I decided to pray about it and also use the mindful journalling to explore it.

This is where I got the free course. Well worth watching and I now subscribe to this website . Rachel is lovely and answers my emails personally.

As you can see from the thumbnail I’ve ditched the elf character. A friend, rightly, pointed out that she thought “elf” a bit whimsical. Does the title tell people what the aim is at a glance? Who is your “target audience”? All very good points which I have given some thought to. So I quickly changed the format of the thumbnail.

Here’s the finished piece:

I won’t spoil the ending by saying what title I gave the picture. What title would you give it?

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