If I am to increase impact of Artful ELF I need to work social media more effectively

This morning I decided that I would make my personal Facebook posts with the Artful ELF public and also use hashtags. I am not really sure how they work, but we will give it a go. Yesterday’s reflection and painting didn’t result in a great work of art, but it was good to just be me and not use the elf persona. I’ve sacked the elf (she was getting on my nerves and not very helpful – and a bit naff). So it is now just me with ELF being Everyday Loving Fun, and still Artful.


This morning’s prayer time using Celtic Daily Prayer had this meditation, which together with the bible readings, confirmed that what I am doing is part of God’s work in me and through me and that it is like pebbles in a pond, rippling out. However, if I don’t do all I can to make the water deep and flowing from my own little pond of friends on Facebook, then I am restricting what God can do.

Today’s Meditation

If you must be heard, let it be like the babbling brook,
laughing over the rocks.

If you must be seen, let it be like sunlight
giving warmth and comfort to all.

If you must be acknowledged, let it be as the eyes
behold the skies in all their glory.

If you must lead, let it be like the wind and all its unshackled direction.

If you must learn, let it be like breathing,
the natural flow of in and out,
and done without thinking.

If you must teach, let it be like the water,
deep and flowing,
for your words are like pebbles in a pond,
the ripples they cause spread out in all directions,
and what you give out eventually returns.

If you must know, let it be flowing and growing.

And above all, if you must:

Kerry Hillcoat

So, here’s today’s episode of Artful E.L.F. Let’s have some love and fun every day.

And here’s the colouring sheet.


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