Playing with Paint – Artful ELF No.13

I enjoyed yesterday’s painting. I made a cup of tea and just went with whatever I felt like doing. I loved the feel of the paint when I used my fingers. It was difficult to know when it was finished. I used excess paint on another piece of paper thus potentially producing another picture. Unfortunately I overplayed my hand with black felt pen. It may be redeemable, but then again maybe not. I will keep the paper for future excess paint to be deposited on. Here it is before I started with the black felt pen.

Playing with Excess Paint

The point of this session is that it is good to get your hands dirty and have fun with paint. It was absorbing and I was surprised when half an hour had elapsed. Mindfulness at work? Maybe, maybe not. It was relaxing and enjoyable. It was good for my mental health to be able to produce something with no fear of value judgement involved. A daily dose of fun is just what the doctor ordered, I’m sure.

Here’s the video.

I hope you have a go and see what you can make. I’m pleased with mine. So much so that I signed it.

Playing with Paint Abstract

No colouring in sheet today. I did start to do one, but decided I could use it another day for another session. And that other session is today. I’ve just done the first 15 minutes of it and will finish it this afternoon. It’s a bit of an odd one and I’m interested to see how it will develop this afternoon. You of course will have to wait until tomorrow.

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