Inspired by Mondrian

My Artful ELF today was inspired by the square paintings of Mondrian and other works of squares and rectangles coloured in. However I didn’t study his work and so when I compared my finished picture with some of his I realised that I had not left any white squares. I had also used watercolour rather than acrylic, simply because I fancied using watercolour.

The squares before colour added

When my daughters were at school they had to copy various famous artists as part of their art lessons and I think I still have some of their work in a folder somewhere. However when I was at school we didn’t do anything like that. In fact although I took art at CSE (Certificate of Secondary Education) I have no recollection of anything I did. I gained grade 3 (slightly higher than average but not as good as ‘O’ level) but was left with the impression that I was no good at art and only got that because the teacher helped me. So when I started to paint and draw as a mature adult I had very low esteem of my ability. I am so glad that I have persevered and learnt over the years because now I enjoy painting and drawing and can see improvement.

I have just posted the video on the various Facebook pages and am puzzled as to why there isn’t the usual view of the thumbnail so that people just click on it to play. Possibly because I had set it to Premiere – curious to see if it made a difference. And if that’s the difference then I won’t bother again.

So, here it is. And I see it has worked here. Good. I hope you enjoy it.

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